What Type of Table do you Own?

29 May 2015
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29 May 2015, Comments: 0

Size does matter….

There are six different table sizes manufactured today but only two different types of tables. Your table is either a pool table or a snooker table. The science behind the table type is universal and specific. It will dictate how much room is required and the ball size required for your table. We will spare you too much detail and keep it simple just the features you need to understand about your table. Besides the knowledge of what ball size is required for your table it also helps you understand what type of cushion rubber is on your table in case of future replacement. Our best advice is contact the specialists we can help you.

The snooker table was the original table manufactured over 200 years ago. These tables are huge vs. the smaller tables made today. The smaller sizes were not available by the manufacturers but how times have changed. The table size is 6′ wide x 12′ long and filled an entire room. This table for years was “The” table of choice for royalty, place of government and the rich. As the years went by these tables were readily available in the snooker halls or your home. But unfortunately today due to the large size these tables eventually lost there lustre the snooker halls traded in the big for small and all the household games rooms shrunk. These gentle giants would no longer in demand nor fit your space. Most people found this table too difficult to play. The pocket opening called the mouth and throat which measures 3 5/8″ – 3 3/8″ makes the pocket quite tight. The ball size for a snooker table is 2 1/16″ in diameter for both ball sets. Important to know is both ball sets the snooker set and pool set, called pocket balls, should both be the same small 2 1/16″ size. The cushion height and pocket opening are both designed for the smaller ball only. In other words you can play pool on a snooker table but you will play with the small ball size for enhanced playability of ball reaction with the cushion face called “L” rubber. This diagram will help.
Does your table look like this pocket opening and cushion profile of these diagrams shown above?

Now all you need to learn is how big is your snooker table. Note the newer table manufacturers today do not make snooker tables of any size. Generally they only produce pool tables because they do not have templates, facility capabilities or inexperience. The older companies that offer the older brand names still manufactured in north america will offer snooker tables of any size.

The snooker table is available today in six different sizes (playing field):
6 x 12′ (66 x 132″)
5 x 10′ (56 x 112″)
4 1/2 x 9′ (50 x 100″)
4 x 8′ Pro (46 x 92″)
4 x 8′ Standard (44 x 88″)
3 1 /2 x 7′ (39 x 78″)

The playing field (in brackets above) is the measurement between the cushion face to face. We suggest to everyone to understand this for future when selling or buying a table so you learn the proper table size. Or when you want to change the cloth on your table. Sizing is specific for the amount of cloth required and labor cost for the professionals. Size does matter….

If your table does not have the same cushion profile as the snooker table you own a pool table. See the diagrams below.

Pool tables are more popular today because the table size fits most game rooms comfortably. Some people feel it is easier table type to play on with the wider pocket mouth and throat. The measure is 4 7/8″ – 4″ except this table requires a bigger ball size of 2 1/4″ for both snooker and pocket ball sets. The cushion profile is a higher vs. the snooker cushion profile. You can play snooker on a pool table but with a larger ball size. The pool table is a recreational table enjoyed by all ages. Size does matter…

We recommend you check your ball size and confirm both are same size. Any work required we move them, we fix them and we recover them; call the professionals.

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