The Perfect Games Room

22 October 2015
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22 October 2015, Comments: 0


The snow is just around the corner and old man winter is about to remind us of being Canadian means cold temps outdoors keeps us indoors. The family then needs something to do to keep busy – this is when traditions are born. An Olhausen pool table is the perfect idea for all games rooms or AKA “The Man Cave”.

For all you with smaller spaces there are smaller games tables that require less space such as a foosball table or bubble hockey. Maybe a ping pong or shuffleboard table is what everyone wants instead. Or place a ping pong top upon a pool table and now you have two games in one area how easy is that? You could always throw the table cloth on and everyone can enjoy Christmas dinner all around the pool table just like the Beverly Hillbillies, but your secret is safe with us.

Popular are poker tables, hold’em poker tables or table toppers. Gather the friends and family scatter the chairs around your custom built poker table and hope lady luck is on your side. Poker chips are a perfect stocking stuffer.

There is time (but it’s ticking) to custom build that perfect pool table or games table today and all in time for Christmas. Start your family traditions exclusively at Recreation World Home & Billiard.

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