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9 April 2014
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9 April 2014, Comments: 0

How do you decide where to buy your pool table? How to choose from one pool table to another? Why do you need warranty; it’s a pool table? Why is one pool table this price and the other more? Where can you buy it?

These are all valid questions when pool table customer’s visit our store locations. To help eliminate the confusion and simplify your pool table purchase we want to answer these questions:

1. Where can you buy your pool table?
Well do your homework (we have).
We’re sure you’ve heard this before well it is true. A well-informed pool table customer understands table differences immediately when they see the product. Remember a pool table purchase should be completed once in your lifetime so make sure you get a quality table, pleasing to your eye and works with your home or office décor. Do not take any short cuts because this can and will take time; short cuts will cost you every time. Go online and check what brand names are available in your market (city). Check out the manufacturer’s website to find out about their tables, their table features, specials if any and where to buy them. Most manufacturer websites offer the dealer link to find those store(s). Manufacturers prefer to offer their table lines with well respected or credible dealers within a network, whom have a track record in the industry, know their product quality and services. Professionalism is key. It is easier to determine this by the purchase details provided by well-informed sales staff. The good old fashioned brick & mortar stores that have been in business for years offer you these products and the people make the difference. Never purchase from an online store (supplier) direct or factory outlet. This method never works because after your purchase when any issue occurs the customer service is non-existent, no support means no problem solving or repairs. Ultimately means you’re stuck with it. These brands are generally the least price and come with the highest variety of problems which can add up quickly. The result is you can potentially spend more money this route. It’s a gamble; it’s your money. We prefer the quality route because you always get what you pay for; it’s the safe bet. You are guaranteed to receive the best quality and service for your one time family investment.
We have done our homework.

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