Pool Tables 101 - Why North American?

29 October 2014
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29 October 2014, Comments: 0

Have you ever purchased a furniture set or games table and in a short period of time see a crack appear in the leg or a split in the wood seam where it was laminated together? Or a noticeable warp in the apron? Simply the item does not look the same the first day you opened the box. The dilemma is imported (inexpensive) goods are problematic verses goods which do cost more are less likely to breakdown or fault.

Todays discussion is why it is best to focus on north American made pool tables, games tables and game room furniture. Have you ever heard the motto you get what you pay for? The problem within the billiard industry the past 20 -25 years are manufactures producing less than acceptable quality are new to this industry. There is a growth curve to learning how to make these products properly and this takes years of experience. This is all part of the quality control process which comes with years of experimenting to create quality goods.

As the seasons change wood reacts to those extreme changes in temperature and humidity. Think of it this way if it is cold outside you put on a coat to stay warm or the opposite if it is hot. Wood reacts the same way. A quality wood product which has been kiln dried to decrease moisture content within the wood is that barrier the wood has to withstand those changes. If the wood moisture content is too high it is more susceptible to fault. This is more evident in drier climates.

We feel your purchase should be a one-time event. A quality item should never require follow-up repairs or replacement. Your investment will be enjoyed by your Family for years to come and past down for many years more. We have done our homework and provide you with our best brands.

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