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26 November 2015
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26 November 2015, Comments: 0

It’s Christmas and everyone is busy preparing for the festive season and the family will be arriving soon.  It’s time to get a games table for the kids especially with the house full of turkey laden family members looking for something to do.  We suggest from a variety of games such as: shuffleboard, foosball, air hockey, table tennis, poker tables and pool tables.  Remember to measure your game room space before you stop by the store and also look at your home access.  Nothing worse than a games table unable to get into your home.  Break out the tape measure and note the area you have available for the game of choice.  This is a quick simple list of space you will need for the games:

Shuffleboard tables are available in a variety of lengths most popular is the 12′ table.  This game is played end to end so add 3′ of space at each end.   Best is to have 18′ of length to comfortably play shuffleboard.  This game can be difficult to get into many homes it requires a straight access from up to downstairs.  If your stairwell has 90 or 180 degree turns sorry it won’t go this is the square peg round hole rule.  This is true for air hockey tables, some pool tables and poker tables.  For those households with walk out basements we say thank you this works for every games table.

Foosball is a universal size cabinet of 5′ length with eight rods to play the game.  This game requires 10′ of game space.  This table can be installed with end cabinet be one foot from the wall or middle of the room.

Air Hockey tables are 4 x 8′ (ish).  This game requires 14′ length of game space and can be installed against a wall or middle of the room.  This game is very tricky to get in through the stairwells.  Unlike a bed mattress these cabinets do not bend and will damage walls and harm the installers backs – they are heavy and awkward please confirm access into the home.

Table tennis aka ping pong tables are also a universal size when open ready to play this table is 5′ width x 9′ length.  Table tennis requires 20′ of length to play in a recreational setting.  This allows the players 5′ at each end to have some fun.  But for those more competitive players 20′ will not be enough and you will require more room.  This game does fold up and easy to roll around for storage when not in use.

Poker tables are mfr. in different sizes and shapes.  A standard poker table is 48″ or 54″ in size vs. the hold’em poker tables which are 42″ width x 84″ length (also avail. in 72″ & 96″ lengths).  Add an additional 3′ for the games chairs around the table.

Pool tables are also available in many sizes most popular is the 4 x 8′ table.  Please reference our room requirements chart on our home page under pool tables category.  All pool table base frames will be either knock-down or pre-built by the mfr. either way all pool tables will access into all homes – except the coin op bar tables.  These tables base frames do not come apart and slate is one piece.  Folks if you get the opportunity to purchase a new or used coin op forget it.  The playability is nothing compared to a standard 3 pc. slate table.  The design of slate bolt through rails on the standard table is considerably faster and more accurate compared to coin op tables.  The coin table belongs in the bar or pub period.  And requires Hercules to move them.

Please measure twice and check your access into the home for these tables before you make the trip into the store.  A little pre-planning is worth the time especially when time is precious at Christmas.


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