February is For Family Not Just Valentines?

11 February 2017
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11 February 2017, Comments: 0

Christmas is long over and the January bills are also behind us.  The price of oil is going up, the stock market is breaking records and things are starting to look positive – Finally.  The weather cannot decide what to do to maintain a constant it’s either too cold or gets too warm making everything extra sloppy outside.  February is Valentine’s Day which is around the corner and time to think of your sweetheart and the family.  We say time to consider a quality pool table or games table from Recreation World.  On now is our February Clearance Sale Event to move out the older models and make room for 2017 tables.


It’s the perfect time to get the family together engage in conversations, laugh and enjoy time together.  Time to put away all the distractions the smart phones, the tablets all the toys that interrupt the most important thing in all our lives “The Family”.  We invite you to our stores ask our sales staff how we can help fill the games room plus we are able to teach the family new games to play.  See you soon.

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