Choosing an Air Hockey Table for the Family.

19 November 2014
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19 November 2014, Comments: 0

We have been asked numerous occasions, “What should we look for when choosing an air hockey table for our family?”

Our automatic response is start listing all the attributes of quality, table features and prices, but really we can save everyone a lot of time. We have two questions for all parents shopping for an air hockey:

1. What is your access like into the home?
2. Do you have younger children playing?

The most important feature of an air hockey table is the cabinet strength (and of course the blower speed). All the heavier air hockey tables are built as a one piece cabinet or table top which do not come apart. So the question to ask is what is your access like to carry a table into their home? Is it a straight shot or if there are turns on the basement stairwell? Many basements have the unfortunate 90 degree or worse yet 180 degree turns or the proverbial square peg into round hole scenario. Most occasions due to lack of stairwell height and the turns the table will not fit so back to the store to return the table which can be very time consuming and frustrating. We suggest to measure the space prior and make sure it will fit. Please contact our store professionals to get these table measurements. Otherwise many different games tables are available to be built as knock-down capability to ensure it fits into the tighter access such as pool tables, foosball, poker and table tennis.

Next it fits! Hurrah ….

Brings us to next question if children are playing? This game has the quickest game play action available. The puck floats on a cushion of air similar to a jet boat. The kids (or us big guys) hit the puck back and forth at high velocities ricocheting off the sides and so on. Air hockey gameplay is a method of split second decision making. Reacting to all puck issues: speed, jump and/or flutter. When an air hockey puck is fluttering and the kids automatic decision is to hit the puck back this will eject the puck off the surface at their opponent your other child, family member, the neighbor’s kid or a school buddy. The results can be very upsetting for a parent when teeth and eyes can be harmed or damaged.

We say please think this game through and discuss it with one another before you pick up the phone. And above all please check your access.

Did you know that air hockey tables can fit ping pong tops upon them? Just sayin’.

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