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29 November 2017
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29 November 2017, Comments: 0


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Foosball Table

Did you know the first foosball table was invented in 1921 and patented 2 years later.  Did you know the foosball table originally did not have three men on the goalie?  The three man goalie became popular in the 1990’s but it was always a single guy in goal.  Remember those corner ramps?  The ball would roll up and down it was so much fun.  It’s fun to see the old is the new again as all the brands now offer custom made tables with the original single goalie.  One or three get the family a foosball table for home and teach the kids how much fun to play table soccer.  Suggestions to look for with your next foosball table. Is it fast, only hollow speed rods offer the quickest game with balanced players.  Avoid solid rods as they are too slow and clunky. Also they are much easier to warp and expensive to replace.  If the tables have nuts and bolts to attach the players it’s a solid rod table folks. Expect more maintenance and repairs.  The better built tables attach the players with roll pins this is consistent and simple.  The balanced (aka counter-balanced) players are tournament quality to enhance the Foosball tables gameplay.




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